Who We Are

The Edwards Aquifer Conservancy (EAC) is a non-profit organization, under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and is committed to raising money for support of the mission and programs of the Edwards Aquifer Authority. The Edwards Aquifer Authority is a regional water management agency that regulates the use of the aquifer through integrity, transparency, and respect for the resource and the people that use it, and the EAC is dedicated to assisting this mission to protect our most valuable resource, our water.

Funds raised by the EAC enhance the vast resources available for all aquifer users in such areas as critical research, conservation, educational programs, and outreach. As a supporting organization, the EAC additionally performs supportive assistance to any activity or educational program that will support the mission “to manage, conserve, preserve, and protect the Edwards Aquifer and to increase the recharge of and prevent the waste or pollution of water in the Edwards Aquifer.”

The EAC has a seven-member Board of Directors, compromised of business and community leaders:

  • Peggy Jones, President
  • Benjamin Youngblood III, Vice-President
  • Ron Ellis, Treasurer
  • Enrique Valdivia, Secretary
  • Don Laffere
  • Ronald J. Walton
  • Luana Buckner, Executive Director


Edwards Aquifer Conservancy’s mission is to: solely support and benefit the work of the Edwards Aquifer Authority, including the establishment of programs and practices that protect habitat and species, sustain agricultural practices, promote water conservation, and support the development of water management solutions within the diverse Edwards Aquifer region.